Kanye West (43) has again been rejected as a presidential candidate in several states. After being dropped from the list in Ohio last week, the rapper is also banned from appearing in Arizona and Virginia. 

A judge in Arizona ruled on Thursday that Kanye West cannot stand for election in that state. Two residents had started a case because they found the rapper’s candidacy unlawful. Kanye applied for president as an independent candidate while a registered Republican, which is not allowed under local laws.

A few hours earlier, a judge in the state of Virginia had already ruled that the name of the musician there should be removed from the election list. Kanye was alleged to have acted fraudulently and violated administrative rules.

Earlier it became clear that Kanye will not be eligible for election in Missouri, Illinois and Montana, among others. Yet the rapper is not banned everywhere. Residents of eight states, including Iowa, Colorado and Oklahoma, will be able to vote for the popular singer. 

Together with Trump

Kanye’s campaign to become president of the United States has been criticized since its inception. Not only did the rapper seem rather confused when he shared all kinds of private matters from his marriage to Kim Kardashian on Twitter in mid-July, but critics also think his candidacy is primarily intended to help Donald Trump get reelected.

The rapper could take away many African American voters from Democratic candidate Joe Biden with his campaign. Both Kanye and Trump’s campaign team deny that the two sides are in cahoots.