The most competitive companies in the laptop market are doing well with Intel, but Acer throws a ball into the world and walks away with Qualcomm.

The Acer has just announced that the upcoming model of its Spin 7 will be the first in the world have Snapdragon 8CX Generation 2 from Qualcomm with 5G computing features, with the long life battery backup and it will also offer 5G connectivity. Prices and its availability will be announced later or it will be announced at the time of publication.

When Acer Spin 7 launches, it will be the Qualcomm’s latest laptop business ambassador. The Snapdragon 8CX processors will be the Qualcomm’s fastest. And it will extend battery life for several days and offer multiple connectivity modes.

This processor is specially designed for slim and light weight laptops in which its 8 cores are divided between efficiency and performance. The processor also has a large cache for multi-tasking.

There is nothing to sneeze at for more power and multi-days of battery life. In an age where most of people work from afar, connectivity can be the main acting star.

Snapdragon 8CX Generation2 will be compatible with 5G connectivity with both 6 GHz and 5G, which will help us to enjoy tremendously fast and stable gigabyte speeds. If you keep losing your connection, the world’s fastest speed is worth it. In addition to 5G, the new snapdragon will work well with Wi-Fi 6.

Qualcomm offers other welcome advantages in the form of top end modules of camera, technology for noise cancellation, and security features have been much improved.

Advantage has been taken by the Acer with the sophisticated new features wrapped in a lightweight convertible laptop. It has a thickness of 0.6 inches with a weight of just 3.1 pounds made with magnesium-aluminum alloy. Acer Spin 7 has also an attractive shade of blue with feature of 360 degree.

Acer and Qualcomm together are going to be launching a strong, slim and lightweight laptop that will be the first in this world. The new Acer Spin 7 not only looks good, it has an extremely versatile battery which will blow out the world of laptop users, if it meets expectations.