Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber argued about the situation in the lobby of their daughter’s building in New York.

Are Kaia Gerber’s famous parents worried about the young model’s relationship with her erratic Saturday Night Live boyfriend, Pete Davidson?

Cindy Crawford and her husband, restaurateur Rande Gerber, were seen having a heated discussion outside their daughter Kaia’s apartment in New York on Thursday, the Daily Mail reported.

Although it was not clear exactly what the conversation was about, the Gerbers seemed worried as they stood in the lobby of their 18-year-old daughter’s Manhattan building.

It looked like Rande had been in Kaia’s apartment while Cindy was out and then down to the lobby to talk to his wife.

A witness told the Daily Mail that Rande was heard saying that the person above, who is believed to be Pete, had “red eyes” and was “going crazy.”

After Cindy, 53, and her husband, 57, left, Kaia’s boyfriend, Pete, 26, was observed near the building inside a silver Lincoln SUV.

Later that night, Kaia returned home alone, while holding a bottle of water in front of her face.

The 18-year-old beauty and the comedian have been dating since October.

But could the supermodel and her husband intervene to make sure that their daughter is well during the strange romance?

Everyone in Pete’s circle is “glad he was able to maintain his sobriety,” a source recently told, “but this success he had with the ladies seems to have risen to Pete’s head and made him a jerk. absolute”.

Davidson, who was diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder, admitted that he has fought marijuana abuse in the past.

“The only way I could stop was when someone put me in the house where there was literally nothing,” Pete said about going through rehab in 2016.