In the episode of the new reality show, the singer showed rare shots from the wedding ceremony.

In September 2019, Justin Bieber married Hayley Baldwin. The latest episode of Bieber’s reality show includes footage from the solemn ceremony of the wedding and the subsequent celebration. Justin and Haley told the details of that day and showed how everything happened.

The wedding took place in the chapel of the Montage Palmetto Bluff Hotel in South Carolina, the halls were decorated with white flowers and garlands. Haley was led to the altar by her father, Stephen Baldwin. The action was like a fairy tale until the moment came to pronounce oaths. Justin hesitated several times, and then completely asked the priest about the meaning of some words of the oath.

Priest: As a sign and guarantee of our unchanging faith …
Justin: As a sign and guarantee … In a sign?
S .: In the sign and pledge of our unchanging faith …
D: In the sign and pledge?
S .: Yes.
D: What does that mean?

While Bieber was sorting out the meaning of words, the guests behind the couple barely held back laughter.

In the issue, Justin described how Haley proposed. The singer decided to ask his beloved main question when they rested in the Bahamas together.

She went down the stairs, and I was waiting for her below with a ring. I was shaking all over. I told her: “I love you so much that I can’t imagine myself with anyone else. I would like to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” She just silently nodded in agreement

– shared the singer.

Now, after six months of family relations, Bieber admits that he has radically revised his attitude towards women. Justin reads books on the psychology of relationships and says he understood a lot.

I got addicted to pretty hard drugs when I was 19 and ditched all my relationships. I was aggressive towards women,

He notes. According to Bieber, now he wants to take care of the happiness of a loved one – not only his own.

I like to make her feel special and valuable. I have done many pleasant things in life, but there is nothing nicer than making my wife happy,