Valentine’s day is not for everyone. Lady Gaga (33) takes matters into her own hands and slides a ring around her own finger. The ‘Poker Face’ singer does this as the ultimate expression of female empowerment. And maybe also a little to earn money, because she does this in collaboration with Klarna.

“I believe that everyone should be able to express every act of love to someone else on every day of every year”

Lady Gaga wants to convey an important message on Valentine’s Day: you are free to go for whoever you want. To reinforce this statement, she steps into the figurative marriage boat with herself. The ring she put on her own finger is the confirmation of it. The singer does this in collaboration with the Klarna brand “as a symbolic middle finger against old-fashioned traditions.” 

“I am proud that in my career I use my voice to stand up for what I think is right,” explains Lady Gaga. “Everyone who knows me knows that I believe that everyone must be able to express every act of love to someone else every day of every year. So in an act of resisting this outdated tradition, I decided to say” yes ” say to myself! “

Women who feel attracted by the message can also buy the ring themselves. With the proceeds they support the charity Dress for Success. This is a non-profit organization that is committed to the economic independence of women. They provide women with development tools, professional clothing and a support network to help them move forward both in their work and in their personal lives.