Justin Bieber has given an update about his current situation in a long post on Instagram. Earlier it was announced that he suffered from major depression. There is one striking sentence in the text that makes the Beliebers, his biggest fans, believe he will be a father.

“Nothing is more important than my family and my health”

In the message the Canadian superstar describes how he is doing now. “I have read a lot of messages stating that you want a new album… I have been on tour throughout my teenage years and I have found that I was unhappy on my last tour, you may have seen that. (…) I am currently very focused on repairing a few deep emotional problems, this to make sure that I don’t fall apart, “writes Justin.

“Also so that I can maintain my marriage and be the father that I want to be,” he continues. Whether this concerns future plans to have children or whether his wife Hailey is currently expecting their first child is not entirely clear. “Did he say father? Did I miss something? ”Is one of the reactions under the photo.

Justin ends the message with the promise that a new album will be released soon, but that they will have to be patient. “Music is very important to me, but nothing is more important than my family and my health. I quickly come up with an awesome album. ”