Insiders tell British newspaper The Sun that the One Direction singer has even written a song for the 48-year-old model’s birthday.

“They are getting closer and their feelings deeper and deeper”

Liam wants to make it publicly in love with Naomi by singing a song for her birthday. The iconic model is celebrating its 49th birthday in May, for which the One Direction singer has written a song. According to initiates, he will sing it in the presence of their friends and family. 

The singer, who broke up with Cheryl Cole last summer, has also booked a hotel for a trip to the Cannes film festival. An appearance on the red carpet is therefore planned. “This is a huge step for the couple,” the source says. “They finally realize that they are in love with each other.”

“Many of her friends thought the relationship would end soon, but the opposite is happening now,” the source continues. “They are getting closer and their feelings deeper. Naomi first kept him at a distance, but on her birthday he is the center of attention.” 

The unlikely duo have been dating since the end of 2018 and have only been spotted together a few times.