Justice League will be on the screens of the world in a few days, and the new direction of the film seems more and more clear: spit on  Zack Snyder.

Geoff Johns, then the comedians of the extended universe, almost nobody had spared Man of Steel or Batman V Superman, reminding here the icy welcome, or sometimes the results lower than expected at the box office, or even delivering severely involved the debut of Zack Snyder at the controls of blockbusters.

This promotional focus seems to be confirmed as Clark Kent’s interpreter,  Henry Cavill, has just explained to Heroic Hollywood why he believes the debut of the DCU on the big screen had been more complicated than expected.

“Even without Marvel’s existence, we would have been in trouble. There was a style borrowed by the DC Universe, an attempt to be different and to take a different look, with a singular perspective, that did not necessarily work. Yes, it brought in money, but we can not say that it was a critical success. Not everyone has experienced what superheroes have to give to feel. “

After Ben Affleck and then Gal Gadot fired red bullets at the DCU’s beginnings, one wonders what Warner (with the understanding that communication is never improvised by comedians) tries here. Because we have the impression that the studio wants to send to the forceps the message that everything has changed in the studio since Wonder Woman.

Why not, but doing it by spitting on the way to Snyder, who will spare no effort, left the adventure in tragic circumstances … and still realized Justice League is not only inelegant, but particularly risky, then that the identity of the DC team is far from being completely crystallized in the public mind.