The actor owes three months to his former owner and some minor repairs …

Mickey Rourke had left his New York home in 2016 after living there two years by failing to pay three months rent and justice has decided in favor of the owner of the place. As relays The Blast, so it is the sum of $ 23,511.06 which he will have to pay.


The worst, says the site, is that justice has defeated the plaintiff by default, since Mickey Rourke has never bothered to respond to the complaint or go to the court summons.

Not worried
The amount allocated to Crosstow Realty Holdings, owner of the housing, corresponds in part to the amount of rents ($ 28,985.86) and to $ 2,000 of repairs. The star of The Wrestler had in particular installed “disco balls on the ceiling” that had to be removed and he had also lost “two remotes of the air conditioning system” which had to be replaced.

This is not the only debt that Mickey Rourke has to repay this year. American Express filed a lawsuit against him for failing to repay his $ 51,059.95 credit before closing his account. Again, Mickey Rourke did not find it useful to respond to solicitations and was therefore sentenced by default, in August, to pay the amount claimed.