A jury composed of 12 members began Tuesday to discuss the case of the producer.

A jury, consisting of 12 members, began Tuesday to discuss the case of US producer Harvey Weinstein, charged with charges of sexual assault.

After six weeks of trial, with the testimonies of the prosecution and defense, as of this morning the process of deliberations began to decide the future of the Hollywood producer, who faces five charges for sexual crimes, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The main charges derive from the accusations of Jessica Mann and Miriam Haley.

This morning, before the jury retired to deliberate, the film producer’s defense tried to have a juror dismissed from the case because he was reading a book on child abuse, which they consider a conflict and asked to be replaced by a alternate.

This request was rejected, after the chief prosecutor Joan Illuzzi said that “she has not done anything wrong.”

“We never told this jury not to be allowed to read books,” he said.

The jury must reach a unanimous guilty verdict for the producer to be convicted. Otherwise, Weinstein will be acquitted.