The network appeared footage from the photo shoot of 51-year-old Julia Roberts , shot for the new advertising campaign of the Calzedonia brand, whose face the actress has been for several years. In these photos, the star poses in a dress-jacket of pale pink color from Alexander McQueen and pantyhose with different prints from the new autumn-winter collection of the brand.

Judging by the frames, Roberts first makes purchases in one of the brand’s boutiques, and then, waving packages, walks along the city streets with a smile. The new photo shoot reminded many fans of Julia a similar scene from the movie ” Pretty Woman “, which 30 years ago and made the actress famous throughout the world.

According to the plot of the comedy melodrama, the heroine Julia also walks around the city after a successful shopping. In these frames, Roberts appears in a white button-down dress, which is somewhat similar to the one in which she appears in a new photo shoot. Her shooting took place in late May in Verona.

Despite the fact that many years have passed since the release of “Pretty Woman” on the screen, the actress continues to ask questions about this picture. So, Roberts recently stated that a lot has changed in the film industry since the late 1990s, and noted that she does not think that such a film could be made in our time. The star also admitted that initially in “Pretty Woman” a completely different, darker ending was planned :

He had to throw her out of the car, throw money on top and just leave, leaving her in some dirty alley,

– the actress told reporters.

Recall that the film “Pretty Woman” tells the story of a relationship between financial tycoon Edward Lewis (played by Richard Gere) and a street sex worker named Vivienne. A man spends a night with a girl at a hotel, after which he invites her to linger for a couple more days to become his companion on an important deal. During this time, Edward realizes that a passing acquaintance with Vivienne completely changed his life.