Jodie Turner-Smith shared the news on Instagram, posting footage of his belly, in which the “dancing” baby.

The other day, a pregnant actress told her subscribers that she and her husband Joshua Jackson are expecting a daughter. Jody published several photos and videos of her belly, taken at the moment when the child was hustling.

My favorite moments. See how she dances inside? Every time I try to film it, she stops,

– signed the expectant mother.

Turner-Smith previously made it clear the sex of the unborn child on the Graham Norton show in January, when she used the female pronoun, talking about the baby. Jody came to the shooting in the outfit, because of which she was later criticized. The actress was in a long skirt and short top, which did not hide the pregnant belly of the star. Comments from users rained up on Jody, but she defiantly answered everyone:

I don’t give a damn about the fact that you do not approve of the appearance of pregnant women on British television.

Turner Smith also said that she would not raise a child in America because of “ineradicable racism.” England also does not seem to the actress as a suitable place for a child. Probably, Jody plans to raise a daughter in Canada, in the homeland of her husband.