The custodian of the building where Depp and Heard lived will testify about the alleged blows suffered by the Aquaman actress.

Johnny Depp’s attorneys believe a new statement will help clear his name amid the defamation case filed against Amber Heard.

A witness named Trinity Esparza revealed that he saw bruises on Amber Heard while Johnny Depp was in a different country. He saw marks on the 34-year-old actress’s neck two weeks after the actor allegedly threw a phone at her.

Esparza is the chief custodian of the Eastern Columbia Building in Los Angeles. It is the same place where the 57-year-old actor owned five suites.

In the signed statement, Esparza swore he saw a mark on the left cheek of the Aquaman star. It was on the opposite cheek that the latter claimed that her ex-husband allegedly hit her.

“She dropped the keys down the elevator shaft,” Trinity Esparza told Mirror Online. “She had bruises on her neck and a bruise.”

Lawyers asked if Johnny Depp was in the country when he saw Amber Heard with bruises. His simple answer to that was “no”.

Aside from this, the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s legal team revealed that they have a “series of claims” that would clean up their reputation.

“It turns out that Amber Heard actually suffered damage in June 2016,” explained attorney Adam Waldman.

At the time, he had “finger-like marks on his throat, a bandaged arm, and a bruised left eye.”

“The only person we know who didn’t do it is Johnny Depp,” he explained. “Who had been on tour and out of the country for [two] weeks.”

The statement is now approved for use in the $ 50 million defamation case against Elon Musk’s ex-girlfriend, after she claimed he was the victim of domestic abuse.

Amber Heard claimed that Johnny Depp threw a phone at her in May 2016. She showed the court photos of her bruises at the time.

She also wrote an article in the Washington Post that portrayed her as a survivor of domestic violence. Although she never revealed her ex-husband’s name, speculations made against him resulted in the loss of her iconic role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.