Johnny Depps has been suing UK Tabliod for calling him “Wife beater” and today closing arguments were given by the lawyer Sasha Wass.
As per closing statement of Sasha Wass in the court, there is “overwhelming evidence of domestic violence or wife-beating behavior, catalogued over a three-year period.”

Some more arguments were given by the lawyer Sasha in which she said “a hopeless addict who repeatedly lost his self-control and all ability to restrain his anger.”

she added some more to it saying “Permeating all of the evidence in this case is the character of Mr. Depp himself — his well-documented evidence of violence and destruction over his adult life which have occurred when he was under the influence of drink and drugs,”

Expaling Johnny Depps irrational mood and abnormal behavioural patterns she explained more She said he was “was subject to irrational mood swings and abnormal behavioural patterns, which would not have been present when Mr. Depp was clean and sober, and Mr. Depp has a name for this metamorphosed entity — namely, The Monster.”

These accusations were repeatedly denied by the Johnny Depp and he had famous actresses come to his defense where as his Amber Heard was also accused of lying in the court.