The actor has finally stopped using wigs.

New Year’s John Travolta began with a courageous act. The 64-year-old actor  shared a new picture in which he demonstrated his head with a sparkling bald head. John apparently tried to compensate for the complete absence of hair by the presence of facial hair – in the form of thick stubble. However, his once lush head of hair “vegetation” on the face could not be replaced.

In fact, Travolta was seen bald before, when he parted with his hair for the role. For example, in 2010, he appeared in the film “From Paris with Love” with his head shaved. But outside the film sets, John, as the gossipers argued, always covered his balding head with wigs and overlays. Although bald heads came into fashion long ago in Hollywood, Travolta was somehow embarrassed by his problems with hair. Now, for the first time, he decided to appear without hair in everyday life. In the photo, which the actor shared with fans, next to him is the 18-year-old daughter Ella – the eldest of the children of the actor from his wife Kelly Preston .

Note that the fans of the actor approvingly reacted to this photo. Some of them decided that the bald Travolta looks even “cooler” than before. And others supported his honesty. One of the fans, in particular, remarked: he is very glad that Travolta understood – “the day has finally come to say goodbye to ridiculous wigs”. And another fan supported John, sharing his personal experience: “I’m sure that having gotten rid of your hair, you, like me, experienced an incredible feeling of lightness and liberation.”

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I hope everyone had a great New Year!

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