The attacker entered a Beijing primary school late in the morning. Three children are seriously injured.

Twenty children were injured Tuesday morning in a primary school in Beijing, including three seriously, by a man who was arrested, announced the district municipality.

According to the authorities of Xicheng District , in the west of the Chinese capital, the days of the three most seriously injured children are not in danger and their condition is stable. The attack, which took place at 11:17 am local time, was perpetrated by a man with a hammer, media reports said.

Children brought to the hospital

All the injured were taken to the hospital. The author of the attack was controlled on the spot, indicated the authorities without giving more details.

This type of attack targeting schools or students is not uncommon in China.

In November, a 20-year-old man killed one student and injured nine others and two teachers at a technical school in Yunnan Province, a southwestern province.

Recurring attacks

The day before, a 29-year-old jobless man with official-media marriages reported killing five children as they crossed the street in front of an elementary school in northeastern Liaoning Province.

Already, in April 2018, a man with a knife killed nine college students and injured 12 others as they returned home in northern China. The man, executed ever since , had acted out of revenge after being the target of ridicule during his schooling in the target school.

In January 2017, it was with a kitchen knife that a man had injured 11 children in a nursery school in Guangxi Autonomous Region (south).