A Saudi princess says he has been robbed of 800,000 euros in jewelry at the chic hotel Ritz in Paris. According to the woman, they were not stored in the safe in her room, says a source inside the police.


The authorities have not yet confirmed that the robbery actually took place. There are as yet no indications that has been broken into the room.

It is unclear which princess is involved. Her name has not been announced yet. A Ritz spokesman did not want to respond.

Jewel thieves have already struck at the hotel on the Place Vendôme. In January, for example, robbers entered the building with axes. They smashed showcases with jewels.

The police could then arrest three suspects in the building itself. Two henchmen could flee on a scooter but dropped a bag of stolen items. All stolen items were eventually recovered.

Armed robberies are more common in the vicinity of the hotel, where dozens of jewelry shops and other luxury shops are located.