The Make It Right foundation founded by Brad Pitt has been sued. The foundation built houses in, among other places, American New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina raged here in 2005.


Two people claim that the built houses are “defective”. For example, mold and decaying wood are found in a few houses.

This is evident from court documents that have fallen into the hands of People. Pitt and his foundation have not yet responded to the indictment, but one acquaintance of the actor knows People that he has “confidence in his team”.


“He has made a promise to the people in the Lower Ninth (a neighborhood in New Orleans, ed.) And wants to stick to this.” According to the source, the foundation would be aware of the defects and the repairs to the houses were started months ago.

According to the two residents of the house, they are “very grateful for the fact that Mr. Pitt started the rebuilding of the neighborhood”.

According to their lawyer, they nevertheless felt compelled to take the case. “The foundation has built substandard houses, which are rapidly decaying, while the house owners pay a mortgage for a house that has been reduced in value.”