Is Jessica Simpson jealous of Vanessa Lachey ? Simpson and Nick Lachey were being married from years 2002 to 2006, but It was claimed by a tabloid that Simpson’s lingering feelings for the singer left her weary of his new wife, Vanessa. Let’s take a closer look at this rumored feud.

Before Nick and Vanessa Lachey reality TV shows were dominated , the former boyband member was married to fashion mogul Jessica Simpson. And this week, the National Plaintiff reports that there feeling between thexes which were uneresolved. In fact, the tabloid claims that Simpson is not a fan of Vanessa at all.

“Jessica never trusted Vanessa! The day she found out Nick was with her, she burst into tears,” an insider shares.

It was also said by the source that Simpson was heartbroken to learn that Nick and Vanessa briefly had an open relationship in 2009. “Nick is a very traditional guy, he’s not one to have an open relationship. Although Jess and Nick broke up, she still cares about him and is as wary of the woman today as she was when Vanessa first met Nick! concludes the forecaster.

This report is completely bizarre. First off, Vanessa Lachey never said she and Nick had an open relationship, and we have no idea from where the tabloid got such impression. The real story is that Vanessa and Nick briefly separated in 2009 before getting back together. The two saw other people around this time , and they were no longer an item. It’s not an open relationship; it’s just a breakup. They reconciled soon after and ended up getting engaged.

Plus, we don’t know why the tabloid is bringing Jessica Simpson into its twisted story. Simpson admitted in her memoir that she was hurt by how quickly Nick moved on, but that’s the extent of her dispute with Vanessa. But the Lacheys are tired of the media rehashing the past. After Simpson’s memoir came out, an interviewer asked Nick about his status with his ex-wife .

“I’m thrilled to be where I am in life,” the singer said at the time. ” It was 20 years ago. It’s honestly the last thing on my mind these days except when someone brings it up… I get why people want to ask, but it’s so much more a part of my life than it is. even more on my radar. She does her thing and I do mine and that’s how it should be.

So clearly, Simpson and Nick aren’t meddling in each other’s business or speaking ill of their respective partners. It really seems like their marriage is water under the bridge now, and there’s no need to keep rehashing the drama of their separation.

Of course, the National Applicant never plays fair when it comes to Jessica Simpson. Not too long ago, the outlet claimed that Simpson was begging her husband Eric Johnson to lose weight. Then the magazine claimed that Johnson was “fed up” with Simpson. And most recently, the publication alleged that Simpson demanded that Johnson “clean up” and “get a job.” Obviously, the Plaintiff is unable to provide an impartial and factual report on the personal life of Jessica Simpson.