Each year, the American magazine “The Hollywood Reporter” organizes a round table with actresses. Mary J. Blige, Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, Allison Janney, Emma Stone and Saoirse Ronan talked about sexism in Hollywood and sexual harassment.

“I hope the entertainment industry will never be the same,” says Jessica Chastain commenting on the Weinstein affair in The Hollywood Reporter. The actress participates in the round table organized by the American magazine with Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Lawrence, Allison Janney, Emma Stone and Saoirse Ronan. All six, on the cover of the magazine, discussed the news: sexual harassment in Hollywood and sexism. “I’m devastated by all the stories that have been revealed because it’s heartbreaking, but at the same time, I’m hopeful because we no longer ignore the problem,” continued Zero’s actress. Dark Thity.


Jennifer Lawrence states that the problem of sexual harassment, highlighted by the Weinstein scandal and the testimonies of actresses, does not only concern the world of cinema. “Once again, the entertainment industry is a kind of scene where we can see all the dysfunctions of the world. (…) But luckily we started to talk about it. “The six actresses welcome the release of the word, and expect a change.

“Unfortunately, it’s a deeply rooted problem”

“I’m lucky to have never experienced harassment, and I think it’s because I’m barely five feet tall and I only started my career at age 38,” says Allison Janney. I was aware of couch promotions. But it’s exciting to think of a day when children growing up today will not know what it is, it will be a thing of the past, there will be no more abuse of power. It’s exciting to see that our culture is changing. “Jennifer Lawrence says,” I think it will take time. Unfortunately, it’s deeply entrenched. “And the change must be made in the right direction, as Jessica Chastain’s anecdote about director Aaron Sorkin describes. “He was talking to his daughter, Roxy, and saying,” Listen to me, if anyone wants to force you to do something, if someone gets their hands on you.

For Emma Stone , the problem implicitly comes from wage gaps between men and women. She elaborates: “There is an excellent article by Brit Marling that says that if women were paid the same as men, it would not happen. Women have had to meet many demands just to get a job, so when things happen and they say it loud and clear, they are much more likely to lose their jobs, to be more rejected than to have a job. man who has more power. (…) I hope this is the tipping point for us to discuss pay, on an equal footing, for all women, in all businesses. ”

Equal pay

Jessica Chastain chained: “After” Zero Dark Thirty “, I was sent a lot of script where the main character was a woman, but we did not sign my contract until they found the male role because he had first to negotiate with the actor and see the budget that remained. “Reactions of other actresses around the table: amazement and disgust. “It’s a lot easier for me to be paid fairly,” says Jennifer Lawrence, one of the top 10 best-paid actresses in the world and who claims equal pay between men and women. “The reason I talked about it publicly is that we work in this industry, everybody looks at us, and if we live that, then all women live it. But the real problem is that it has become normal. “With humor, Allison Janney commented,” I play in a TV Show and the two main roles are women and we say to ourselves, ‘Hey, we can not know how much we are not paid. ”