Kim Kardashian has just proven once again to those who think she does nothing that she is not. The beautiful launched her scent, and picked up the mega jackpot in just one short day.

As incredible as it may seem, between a naked breaststroke at the restaurant and a shooting buttocks for a fashion magazine, Kim Kardashian still finds time to grow his fortune.

In addition to her line of cosmetics, which sells almost as well as her younger sister Kylie Jenner, the beautiful brunette has recently launched her perfume line, which she has entirely supervised, from the choice of scents to the packaging of the bottle. A gardenia-based fragrance with three variations available for sale since yesterday, Wednesday, November 15th. And according to TMZ, fans of the star have been waiting for a long time to feel like she, seen as they have thrown on the 300 000 bottles (which look like sex toys, but pass) on sale.


In one day the beautiful sold for 10 million dollars of perfume! An extravagant amount that could well continue to grow because once the rest of the stock has expired, which should be the case by mid-day (US time) according to forecasts, it is not less than 14 million dollars that will come to increase one’s fortune.

A phenomenal success that owes a lot to Kim, who used the social network card to promote his line. And when you know that it has 104 million subscribers on Instagram and 57 on Twitter, it necessarily pays. Literally.