Facebook has given green light for Limetown, a series based on a podcast of the same name about a group of disappeared people. Jessica Biel will play the leading role and will produce the show.

Limetown follows a radio journalist who tries to find out what has happened to three hundred people who have disappeared from a neuroscientific research institute.

The podcast was downloaded ten million times and gained a number 1 rating in the podcast hit list of iTunes. A new series of the podcast will be released at the end of October.

The first season of the TV series will receive ten episodes, which will be shown via Facebook Watch.

It is the second television main role for Biel in a short time. The 36-year-old actress can also be seen in the mystery series The Sinner and for her role as a murderer, Cora Tannetti was nominated for an Emmy. She was also involved in this show as a producer.