The farm that his family has owned for many years in Kentucky was the victim of a massive fire.

Jennifer Lawrence’s family farm that she owns in Kentucky was devastated by a massive fire.

Camp Hi-Ho in Simpsonville was engulfed in flames Friday night, and its main barn on the property was reduced to rubble and ash. The barn served as a sanctuary for a series of activities and attractions that the Lawrences organized for the children each summer… not to mention the living and working spaces that they used themselves.

Blaine Lawrence, the artist’s brother, is the one who manages the property and organized summer camps there. He says that significant damage was sustained, so he has asked the parents of the children who usually spend the summer there for help.

Blaine says there are still a lot of things that the fire didn’t take, including his outdoor sports court, his tree fort space, his pet barn, the lake area, the archery range, the pastures for animals and outdoor trails for horseback riding, a chicken coop and other campsites.

While Blaine is grateful to have those parts of the camp intact, as well as not losing a single animal or human life, he notes that he and the family are still devastated. In that sense, it promises to rebuild and open again for the summer of 2021.

Blaine is also asking for donations from the community through a fundraiser, and for families to register and return to camp, noting that he will do everything in his power to make the place like new. Authorities are investigating the cause of the fire.

Jennifer Lawrence would also be willing to help rebuild the farm, which has been in her family for many years.