Production of the superhero series The Flash in Vancouver, Canada, has come to a standstill, Deadline reports on Sunday. A crew member has become infected with the corona virus.

The employee has no noticeable symptoms. An investigation has been started into the origin of the contamination.

As a precaution, the recordings of the series have been suspended for an as yet unknown period. Between March and September, the shooting of the series with Grant Gustin as the superhero also came to a halt due to the corona pandemic.

In October, The Flash , Batwoman and other Hollywood productions were also shut down due to logistical problems surrounding testing for corona infections in Canada. The country is the scene of many American productions.

Canada is one of the countries where the number of corona infections is on the rise. The increase in the number of infections was extra large at the end of October when the Thanksgiving holiday landed.

The series The Flash is separate from the movie of the same name with Erza Miller and Ben Affleck in the lead roles. It will land before November 4, 2022.