Jennifer Aniston struggled to find work before she was offered the role of her life in ‘Friends’. “My agent told me to lose thirteen pounds if I ever wanted to get to work …”

That story is revealed in the book ‘ Generation Friends: An Inside Look at the Show That Defined a Television Era’, which was published on the occasion of 25 years of ‘Friends’. “LA was a tough place to be an actress, and it was never easy as a woman in showbiz, and Jennifer’s agent reluctantly told her that she didn’t find a job for her,” writes  Saul Austerlitz. “She really wasn’t too fat and everyone could see that she was beautiful, but the camera adds ten kilos.”

Jennifer did not care about such extreme proposals. “I lived on milkshakes, fries and meat sauce,” admits the actress. “I actually had very unhealthy eating habits. My agent’s comment came hard, but it did make me think about my diet. ” 

In 1994 came the great deliverance, a role in ‘Friends’. Funnily enough, she was offered two jobs just at that time. She also got a role in the comedy ‘Muddling Through’. It didn’t matter to her or the makers of ‘Friends’ had replaced Jennifer. “They were afraid that they would leave after the first season if ‘Muddling Through’ became a success. Well, luckily it turned out very differently. ”