Jennifer Aniston actively leads Instagram and works hard. Fans have a question whether there is a place for love in her schedule. Recently, the actress starred for the cover of Marie Claire magazine, and in an interview with the magazine made it clear that her heart might be busy.

Aniston prefers to keep his personal life a secret. Fans constantly want to know what status Jennifer is currently in. The actress starred in the female drama “Morning Show”, happily shares pictures of gatherings with friends on social networks, but her Instagram does not have any romantic photos with her lover.

Perhaps the situation may change soon. When Marie Claire reporters asked her about her personal life, Jennifer hinted at a new romance.

Maybe I’m in a relationship, but maybe not,

– with a smile, the actress replied. According to her, she still believes in love and considers her a wonderful feeling.

Rumors periodically appear in the media about Jennifer’s new relationship. Earlier, many said that Aniston returned to her ex-husband Brad Pitt. There have also been reports of the reunion of the actress with Justin Theroux. She divorced him in 2018, and since then the star of the series “Friends” prefers to remain silent and not spread about her personal life.