Shay Mitchell (32), known for her role in Pretty Little Liars, has been in the clouds with her daughter for a few days. After the actress had to restrain herself for nine months, she quickly put on her naughty shoes after the birth and went straight to Drake’s birthday party. Her followers were furious about it to say the least.

Disgusting, leaving your newborn baby a few days after she was born “

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Never letting go…

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Shay recently posted a cuddly snapshot of the little grape on Instagram. However, her followers responded anything but sweet and charged her with hate messages. “Never let go again,” writes the actress at the picture. “Unless there is a party you can go to, right? Disgusting, leaving your newborn baby a few days after she is born,” one of the reactions says. Fortunately, Shay does not just let him walk over him and immediately bites her off. “Days? Lol, darling, just because I posted this photo on that day doesn’t mean she was born that day;)”, the brunette responds. 

But it does not end with this message. Several followers call her a bad mother. Fortunately the 32-year-old can only laugh about this. “Apparently people are very upset that three days after my child was born I went to a party,” the vamp says in a video, as she scrolls through the comments. “It wasn’t three days and I left her with Angel, so,” Shay jokes, referring to her dog. 

Fortunately there are also many sweet followers who support the brand new mother. “That you go out for a few hours doesn’t hurt the baby very much, does it? I’m sure she left her child in capable hands.” writes a fan. “New mothers don’t have to be locked up in their house 24/7 to bond with their child.” Moreover, many familiar faces place hearts and sweet words. “Omg baby. Congratulations!” is placed by, among others, Vanessa Hudgens. Our Dutch Romee Strijd also says to be happy for her.

It is the first child for Shay and her friend Matte Babel (39). Previously the actress was already pregnant, but she had a miscarriage after fourteen weeks. The name of her newborn daughter is not yet known.