Jay-Z is officially the first hip-hop billionaire, Forbes said, to build an empire based on music, real estate, fashion and investment.

The US magazine estimates that the rapper’s assets are now “conservative” at one billion dollars (£ 800.00).

Forbes says that singer Beyonce’s husband was successful because he built brands and not only supported them.

In its ranking last year, Forbes rejected the allegations. Dre has reached the status of billionaire.

Jay-Z, born Shawn Carter, grew up in one of New York City’s most famous neighborhoods.

He became famous in 1996 with his debut album, Reasonable Doubt, and his 2001 album, The Blueprint, was added to the Library of Congress’ National Register of Recordings in March because it was rated as “important on the cultural, historical or aesthetic plan “.

Forbes said he valued Jay-Z’s wealth by adding various assets and then “deducting a healthy amount to explain a superstar lifestyle.”

49 year old assets include:

  • A $ 75 million music catalog
  • Armé de Brignac champagne and Ussse Cognac brand worth a total of 410 million dollars
  • A stake in Uber of around $ 70 million
  • Real estate in the trendy neighborhoods of New York and Los Angeles
  • $ 100 million stake in Tidal Music Streaming Service
  • An art collection valued at approximately $ 50 million

It is said that his superstar wife is worth $ 335 million, mostly music and commercials, and that the couple has a combined fortune of more than a billion dollars for several years.

Jay-Z, who has already hit Forbes, “I’m not a businessman, I’m a businessman,” is one of the few artists to become a billionaire.

It has often been assumed that Dr. Dre achieved billionaire status in 2014 because the hip-hop mogul announced it after selling his headphone business to Apple. But last year, Forbes estimated his personal fortune at about $ 770 million.

Kasseem “Swizz Beatz” Dean, producer of some of Jay-Z’s biggest hits, told Forbes that the rapper’s success was “bigger than hip-hop”.

“It’s the model of our culture, a guy who looks like us, how we sound, who loves us, did something that we always thought was above us.”

Jay-Z appears on the front page of the latest Forbes magazine alongside another billionaire – more prosperous – Warren Buffet.

It seems that the legendary investor, his oldest for 40 years, has discovered something special about the rapper a few years ago and Forbes said: “Jay teaches in a classroom much larger than the one I teach. never, for a young man in full growth This is the kind to learn. “