Forty-five years after playing the James Bond girl in “Live and Let Die”, Jane Seymour is still amazing. If not more …

If there is a Hollywood star on which time has no negative effect, it is Jane Seymour . At the age of 67, the iconic Dr. Quinn has just landed for the third time for the famous Playboy magazine.


On Instagram, Jane Seymour welcomed this collaboration by sharing two shots of this sexy and elegant shoot both performed on her property. ” I’m glad to finally share this with you, recently I was photographed and interviewed at home by Playboy, I’m opening up on my career, my family, feeling better than ever at 67 and ‘other things,’ she writes.


In the interview, she actually discusses the time passing, she just blowing on a new candle. ” I feel sexier than ever and especially when compared to when I was young, ” said the woman who remembers injunctions to be sexy and her relationship to the body at the time. ” I was like saying ‘god, I’m supposed to be sexy here, what exactly does that mean?’ “she says. And to add: ” Having had such a long life has given me a lot of freedom, as my father said, I feel good about myself. ”


Jane Seymour also spoke about her status as women and her look at show business and the #MeToo movement. She tells how her agent had sent her to meet a producer to test at his house, and how he had tried to abuse her. She refused and stood up. ” People say ‘you’re like a phoenix.’ No, I just had a strong role model with my mother, ” she reveals to explain her strength of character, and how of nothing, finding herself fat, she managed to make a career.