The battle between the Spears sisters continues. The youngest sister of Britney Spears (40), Jamie Lynn Spears (30), is online again and this time she bites off.

“I have to protect myself and my family”
After Jamie Lynn’s television interview, where she put out the necessary dirty laundry about her sister, Britney came up with her own statement. The singer suggests that her sister Jamie Lynn made this television appearance to ‘boost’ the sales of her own biography. Jamie Lynn responds to this again via her Instagram: “I am sorry to have to bring this news to my sister, but my book is not about her.” She continues: ‘I can’t help it that I was also born a Spears and that the events in my life also concern my sister. I worked hard to build my career even before I was a teenager, whether I’m someone’s sister or not.’

Jamie Lynn then indicates that after a period of silence it is time for her to speak up. She does this, she says, to protect her family from all the hatred and death threats thrown at them. “It’s getting harder and harder for me to explain to my oldest daughter why we as a family get death threats because of the vague accusations her aunt is making,” Jamie Lynn writes of her sister Britney. “Especially if we know that she could tell the truth and end everything in one fell swoop, if she wanted to,” she adds. Jamie Lynn states in her message that Britney is spreading falsehoods: ‘It is getting tiring that the conversations and messages we exchange privately,

Despite their disagreement, Jamie Lynn seems to understand her sister’s situation. ‘Brit, I’m always here for you. You know I was always there for you behind the scenes,” Jamie writes. She concludes her message with, “No matter what comes next, I will always love my big sister and be there for her. It’s time to end the unhealthy chaos that has controlled my life for so long.”

Not only did Britney have to face the censorship of her parents, especially her father, but sister Jamie Lynn was also not in charge at home. TMZ reports that Jamie Lynn was pressured to have an abortion when she was 16 when she turned out to be pregnant.