Actress  Jamie Lee Curtis was seriously addicted to drugs in the past. She fought her problems for no less than ten years, she herself confessed to the American magazine People. The 59-year-old actress may even speak of happiness that she is still alive, she admits. 

Jamie Lee Curtis,  best known for her role in ‘Halloween’,  talks frankly in the magazine about the deep valley where she continued when she was younger. “I led the trend of opiates,”  the actress confesses. “For ten years I lived on drugs, stealing and conspiring. And no one knew it. Nobody really. “

She first came into contact with opiates in 1989 when she was prescribed it after a plastic procedure to her ‘hereditary swollen eyes’. In the years that followed,  Jamie Lee was  engaged in an endless search for painkillers.  At that time she stole pills from her eldest sister Kelly, her friends, and several other family members.

Family history

The Jamie Lee family has been plagued by addiction for years. Her father, actor Tony Curtis, was addicted to alcohol, heroin and cocaine. Her half-brother, Nicholas Curtis, died of a heroin overdose in 1994. 

Yet her husband Christopher Guest, with whom she has two children, never knew the problem: on the day that  Jamie Lee  decided to seek help, she only confessed her addiction to her husband.