Jake Paul is also on Kanye West’s side

Pete Davidson has been a recent target for Kanye West , as Davidson is now dating Kim Kardashian . For the most part, Davidson has been very respectful throughout this ordeal, although he has often been seen in public alongside Kim K. As a result of this new union, Kanye singled out Pete in his new song with The Game called “Eazy.” Kanye raps “God saved me from that accident in 2002 / just so I could beat Pete Davidson.”

As a result of this rhyme, it’s been reported that Davidson has increased his security team , as he doesn’t want any issues with Kanye or any of the rapper’s affiliates. Unfortunately for Pete, however, he will have one more person to face now, as Jake Paul is on Kanye’s side in the matter.

If you remember, Jake and Pete had a fight in the past, and Paul hasn’t forgotten. Taking to Twitter, Paul wrote, “Kanye and I are on your tail right now. Soon you will get a beating.” Of course, Jake is highly unlikely to do anything with Pete, although the whole thing is humorous. Jake knows how to troll, and this is the perfect way to do it, considering the length of the story.

As for Jake’s next fight, it looks like he could face Mike Tyson , or maybe even Canelo Alvarez. The details, however, are yet to be determined, so stay tuned for details.

See Jake Paul’s post below: