Kanye West really seems in all his states. And for good reason, the rapper thinks that Kim Kardashian does not take care of her children.

Nothing is going well with the Kardashians . Indeed, Kanye West seems convinced that Kim does not take good care of their children. 


It’s no secret that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian can no longer get along. Indeed, since the two stars announced their divorce, the war seems declared . Ouch!

As a reminder, Kanye West and his ex-wife had been in a relationship for many years. And after a marriage and four beautiful children , they decided to end their story. Something to sadden their loyal fans, therefore.

And since then, nothing has gone right between the two ex-lovebirds. Besides, Chicago’s birthday doesn’t help things at all. Indeed, Kim Kardashian did not want to invite the latter. So he decided to join the party with the help of Travis Scott.

It must be said that the question of children is a very sensitive subject in the divorce of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. They are really trying to protect them. And yet, they do not always manage to agree. Not easy !

Besides, Kanye West seems very upset about it. And for good reason, he seems convinced that Kim Kardashian does not take care of her children .

Since the beginning of his divorce, Kanye West has not hesitated to speak about it. And for good reason, he has long tried to recover his sweetheart by declaring his love to her .

Indeed, Kanye West has repeatedly confided that he was ready to do anything to win back the heart of Kim Kardashian . And yet, the latter seems determined to rebuild her life without him.

Thus, the rapper decided to turn the page . He then left to find comfort in the arms of Julia Fow. And since then, he does not hesitate to tackle the mother of his four children. Moreover, he seems to estimate that she does not take care of the latter.

Indeed, in his piece Eazy, he then questions the role of mother of Kim Kardashian . But that’s not all. He does not hesitate to tackle one of the Kardashian sisters. Something to make Internet users react.