Jackie Chan will come to Russia to present the Russian-Chinese film “Mystery Of Dragon’s Seal” in Moscow on September 10.

“Mystery Of Dragon’s Seall” is the second part of the franchise directed by Oleg Stepchenko about the adventures of the traveler and cartographer Jonathan Green (Jason Fleming). The first part of the movie saga was called “Wii 3D”. It was released in 2014 and became the first Russian film to collect 1 billion rubles at our box office. In the script of this picture, motives and images from the story of Nikolai Gogol were used. According to the plot, during his journey from Europe to the East, in the village lost in Transcarpathia, Green encountered a mystical creature.

In the film “Mystery Of Dragon’s Seal,” the viewer will again meet with the main character Jonathan Green, whom Peter I personally commissioned to produce maps of the Russian Far East. During this journey, a European scientist enters China and there again encounters mysterious creatures that, it would seem, exist only in myths and traditions.

A painting with a budget of $ 48 million is one of the most ambitious projects of Russian cinema in recent years. The picture was partially shot in China, and among the invited stars – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan and Rutger Hauer.

“Mystery Of Dragon’s Seal” will become a new Russian picture, which will be shown in IMAX. This is the seventh Russian film in IMAX in the history of the corporation in Russia.

Chan already came to Russia in 2012 as part of a world tour in support of his film “Armor of God 3: The Zodiac Mission”, as well as in 2016, when he took part in the opening ceremony of the Chinese cinema festival.

The film will be released widely on September 19.