Like all comic book heroes, for many years, Aquaman from the DC universe has repeatedly undergone changes in appearance, so fans attribute to the character a variety of images. But, as it turned out, it is not only artists who like to sort out the options for the appearance of the King of Atlantis.

Director James Van tried a short haircut on Jason Momoa before filming Aquamen, and finally a shot appeared on the Web that gives the fans a complete picture of what a marine hero might look like.

Aaron Sims, who was the conceptual artist of the film, shared a new look at Aquaman and Meru on his Instagram account. By his will, Arthur Curry lost most of his signature curls and was left with hair barely covering his ears.

Aquaman looks good with such a haircut, but a slight discord in perception still arises. And it is connected not only with the fact that in the final image the magnificent hair of Momoa remained in place. It’s just that viewers are used to the fact that in most of his works he appears with long hair, and they also work on the actor’s recognition. And yet it is undeniable that a short haircut would make Aquaman even more impudent and cocky. “Charming. Although I love Momoa with long hair more, it looks even better, ”said one of the commentators.