It happened in the streets of Trappes, about thirty kilometers from Paris. The man was neutralized after shouting Allah akbar

Isis has claimed, through its propaganda channel, the knife attack in a suburb of Paris that has made two dead and a seriously wounded. The Amaq press agency, affiliated with the Islamic State, said the attacker was an “IS militant”. It happened this morning in the streets of Trappes, about thirty kilometers from the French capital.  

A 36-year-old young man stabbed street passersby, killing two women and wounding another, before being himself beaten to death by the police. At least two of the three victims were part of the aggressor’s family who shouted “Allah Akbar” (God is the greatest) before being neutralized by the special department agents. 

The man had been condemned years ago for apology of terrorism, but in this case – reports the TV station BfmTv – a family dissension is not excluded. Caution was also expressed by the police who called for caution by describing the aggressor as “fragile” and investigating in particular the familiar track. 

On the other hand, a claim of ISIS has arrived which, through its propaganda channel Amaq, has defined the aggressor as a fighter of the Islamic Caliphate.  

Aggression in a suburb of Paris  

Trappes, a suburb of Paris 30 kilometers west of the French capital, is known for its problems linked to poverty and violence, as well as for a radical Islamic interpretation: it has a large Muslim population and from there about fifty adepts left of Isis to go and fight in Syria and Iraq for the Islamic Caliphate. Half of its 30,000 inhabitants are under 25 and the unemployment rate is close to 20%. The government has included it in the list of neighborhoods from “Republican reconquest”, sending additional means and agents. On Twitter, the Minister of the Interior, Gerard Collomb, expressed “condolences to the victims and their loved ones”, and welcomed the “reactivity and exemplary mobilization of the police”.