Children are the best part of my life. My world is turning around them, said the comedian at a time. Murphy has been in touch with the model since 2011 and already has a two-year-old daughter

Comedian Eddie Murphy (57) ‘works’ on descendants since 1989 and so far, five different women have been born to nine children. As the Australian Daily Mail writes, Murphy expects the 10th child with the girl, model  Paige Butcher(39), and couple did not want to comment on the news. 

The pair has been dating since 2012 and already have a daughter Izzy Oon(2). A comedian and a model are fond of privacy and do not talk in public about their relationship and have no profiles on social networks. Eddie and Paige met in 2006 at the comedy ‘House of Fat Mamma 2’ 2006, but then did not bother them. 

Murphy with her ex wife, model Nicole Mitchell (50), has a daughter, actress Briu (28), Zola Ivy (18), Shayne (23), Bell (16) and son Miles (25). Comedian with director of casting Tamar Hood has son Christiana (27) while Paulette McNeely has son Erica (29). 

Murphy’s short story with singer Mel B (42) has her daughter Angel Iris (11). The comic did not want to admit paternity before the DNA analysis and emphasized that he did not know if his baby was. Mel B was born on Angelus Murphy’s 46th birthday on April 3, 2007, and two months later announced that the DNA test proved that Eddie was the father of her daughter. 

– Children are the best part of my life. My world is turning around, “said the comedian at a time.