Some time after confirming the break with the actor, the model flew to another city.

Yesterday there were rumors that Irina Shayk left Bradley Cooper’s mansion , and today a celebrity representative officially confirmed the rumors about breaking up. Both Irina and Bradley were previously a desirable target for the paparazzi, but now they will be completely persecuted at every turn. Anticipating this, Irina left Los Angeles a few hours ago: photographers first captured her at the exit of the house with a suitcase, and then at the entrance to the airport. Most likely, its path lies in New York, where today the event The Lions x World Oceans Day will take place. 

Rumors that Bradley and Irina had problems in a relationship appeared a few months ago, but the couple did not comment on them at all and continued to appear together at events and walks with their daughter. On Wednesday, the media reported that the actor  moved to a friend.