For Lady Gaga is not easy time. From a universal pet, she suddenly turned into an object of attack, even from her own fans. It all started after the other day it became known that Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper , one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood, is no longer together.  Fans of the Russian model and the Hollywood actor were very upset and, as often happens, quickly found the culprit in the incident.

“First Lady Gaga left her fiancé, and now Irina and Bradley broke up … A suspicious coincidence, isn’t it?” One of the fans wrote. And it was still the most delicate reaction to the events that occurred. “Bradley and Irina are no longer together … Well, Lady Gaga, are you happy?” – commented another fan of the singer. And the third one almost directly accused Gaga: “We all know because of whom this couple broke up!” And he supplied his Emoji statement in the form of a snake, hinting at the fact that the singer is a real “snake”. These comments collected a lot of “likes”, and the trend was picked up, and from that moment almost everyone who writes about Gaga complements their messages with a “snake”.

Persistent rumors about the novel Lady Gaga and Bradley, who shot her in the lead role in the movie “Star was born,” began to spread back in January of this year. And after Cooper and the singer made a public demonstration of romantic relationships at the Oscars ceremony , almost no one doubted that Gaga and Bradley had become lovers. These rumors further aggravated the message that the singer, unexpectedly and without explanation, broke off her engagement with her fiancé. But, as Gaga claimed, she was with him before so happy … When the rumors about her affair with Cooper became so intense that it was impossible to ignore them, she came out with a refutation. Gaga said then: she did not have an affair with Bradley, it was just a kind of advertising campaign for the film. However, only a few believed her.