Over the 8 series of “Fast and the Furious”, viewers saw almost everything – dozens of expensive supercars, jumping on cars from planes and from skyscrapers, car chases on tanks and Dwayne Johnson, who dealt with a warhead with his bare hands. It would seem, what else can you think of to surprise the audience? The creators of the spin-off “Fast and the Furious” came up with a logical idea – to raise the stakes and push the heroes from the supervillain. The prefix “super” is not a word of wits: the hero Idris Elba, who modestly appears as “I am a bad guy,” is modified in the laboratory in a plot, turning it into a bulletproof and very evil similarity to the Winter Soldier. At least in one of the scenes, Idris Elba almost with the same carelessness with one hand shoots the hero Duane Johnson.

The plot of “Hobb and Shaw” is extremely simple: the two heroes have to work together to save humanity from the villain, who is about to thin out this very humanity. To help the combat duo in this difficult task will be the sister of Deckard Shaw performed by Vanessa Kirby. In the rental action comes August 1, 2019.

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