Last year, 21-year-old Kylie Jenner hit the top five richest celebrities according to the publication of Forbes. The income from her cosmetic brand allowed Kylie to spend $ 19 million on Ferrari for her mother, $ 15,000 on a gift to a friend and $ 10,000 on breakfast delivery. It was this amount that Postmates, the company involved in home shopping, announced in a recent press release, calling Kylie her most loyal customer.

According to Postmates, over the past year, a reality star has issued 186 orders in the amount of 10 thousand dollars. Most often, Jenner bought bagels with cream cheese, miso-ramen, various chicken dishes, coffee and tea. Food was always delivered to her house at 10 am. Among the star orders, the company also identified three of the strangest ones: three warm blankets, a nail polish remover and one carrot. One carrot from Bristol Farms. In an interview, Kylie explained that she was cooking soup, and she had all the right ingredients except carrots. It was this order in the Postmates ranking that became the most modest, but the bottle of aged tequila Don Julio Añejo of 1942 turned out to be the most expensive.

By order of Kylie, you can see that the star prefers proper nutrition and healthy food. However, she does not deny herself fast food: the last time in 2018, Jenner bought chicken nuggets, french fries and McFonalds ice cream from McDonalds. Ahead of her 2019, new achievements for the company and new acquisitions, which will probably more than once surprise the public.