The 57-year-old actress complained about the difficulties of raising black children. Sandra Bullock (Sandra Bullock) admitted that she is unable to get close to her daughter and son.

The movie star is raising two foster children of African American descent: 11-year-old son Louis and eight-year-old daughter Leila. The actress admitted that she is under pressure from society due to the fact that her children do not have the same skin color as hers. It immediately becomes clear to everyone that they are not her family. At the same time, Sandra treats them as her own. Leila was adopted by the leading actress in the film “Premonition” when the girl was three years old. And the son appeared in her family at the age of 3 months.

“Sometimes I want our skin to be the same color. This would make it easier to perceive us as a family. Then it would be easier to get closer to us. I have the same feelings that a brown-skinned woman has for her children. Or a white woman with white babies, ”Bullock said to Jada Pinkett Smith in Red Table Talk.

The Academy Award winner feared several years ago that her children might be exposed to racism in society. “I want my son to be safe. I want my son to be judged for who he is, and not for what his skin color ”, – quotes Sandra Daily Mail .

The actress was married to TV presenter Jesse James when she adopted Louis. Now Sandra is raising children alone .

Bullock is in great shape . The actress demonstrated it at the premiere of the film “Unforgiven”, in which she played one of the main roles. The star enchantingly appeared on the red carpet in a shiny tight-fitting Stella McCartney jumpsuit. The artist muffled the outfit generously strewn with rhinestones with a black jacket. Sandra complements the look with shimmery high-heels and a metallic Tyler Ellis clutch.