Salma Hayek ( Salma Hayek) looks like this , though to unravel the secret of eternal youth: 52-year-old actress surprisingly fresh skin , and her figure many can only envy. Star shared one of the recipes to maintain the perfect look.

The actress placed a video on Instagran , in which she danced cheerfully to Latin American music while walking on a treadmill. In such a simple way, Salma combines business with pleasure – goes in for sports and has fun.

“ I hate playing sports , but I love to dance,” Hayek signed a positive video. The star appeared in a video without makeup and with hair tied in a tail , but only her butt is visible in the foreground – the face is only reflected in the mirror.

“ Salma , thank you! I already want to try the same thing! ”,“ I’m clumsy. Once in training I closed my eyes. think further on yourself. And I would not dare to dance ”,“ Yes! This is the best recipe – he can not do without music, “” I did not know , that exercise can be so hot! “- wrote followers.

The actress looks great , but does not try to hide the manifestations of age. She calmly puts on Instagram both a photo in a bikini and a  selfie without makeup and styling. In an interview, Salma recognized , that her figure has changed with age. According to her , she had learned to live with their possible shortcomings and take yourself this , what is there.