Daniel Radcliffe is one of those famous people who do not hesitate to talk about their addictions in the past and how difficult it was to cope with fame. The “Potteriana” star has already told that he had suffered from alcoholism in his youth, but a few years ago he realized that it was time to tie it up. Daniel recently returned to the subject again in an interview with Sam Jones for the Off Camera show.

The actor, whose fame came at an early age, had been saved for a long time by alcohol and was a famous party-goer, but, according to him, now he doesn’t miss these times in his life. “I know that everything depends on the person. When I think about the chaos that I let into my life then, I understand how happy now is. It seemed to me that a popular actor should match the image of a drunkard. But I don’t miss it now, ”he says.