The police have found five hundred bullets and three firearms in the investigation into the deadly shooting on the set of the film ‘Rest’ with Alec Baldwin (63). No arrests have yet been made in the case. That’s what Santa Fe Sheriff Adan Mendoza said during an initial detailed press conference on the case on Wednesday.

“We consider this particular casing and recovered projectile to be the bullet”

Mendoza, who is leading the investigation, said the weapon used by actor Alec to kill camerawoman Halyna Hutchins on Friday has almost certainly been recovered. This also applies to the shell of the bullet. The proof was a lead projectile that was found in the shoulder of director Joel Souza, who was injured. “We consider this particular casing and recovered projectile to be the bullet fired by Mr. Baldwin from the revolver,” Mendoza said.

The police now know that the gun in question, with which the fatal shot was fired, was touched by three people just before. It’s about the assistant director, the weapons master and Baldwin. “All three individuals cooperated with the investigation and made statements.”

Among the five hundred bullets found on the set, there may also be ammunition other than those from the three firearms found. According to Mendoza, the bullets have yet to be tested in a lab.

No arrests have been made in the case and no people have been charged for the incident. The Public Prosecutor said that he would act very carefully and would only take action if there was an immediate reason to do so. “I don’t make hasty decisions and I don’t rush to judge,” Officer Mary Carmack-Altwies said.

Mendoza and Carmack-Altwies indicated that the investigation is still in progress. Evidence is still being secured and talks are being held with possible involved parties.