The rumor that Angelina Jolie (46) has found her love happiness at The Weeknd (31) has been going on for a while. The actress was asked about it during an interview about her new film ‘Eternals’, but gave a somewhat curious answer.

“They are very excited about this film”

The interviewer of E! Angelina asked online whether her children are more enthusiastic about her role in Eternals , or about her ‘friendship’ with The Weeknd. After a short silence, the actress responded: “They are very excited about this film, if that’s what you ask.” Then she glanced at co-star Salma Hayek, who was sitting next to her. Then, in a more serious tone, she repeats, “They’re really excited about this movie.”

Angelina has been spotted with The Weeknd several times this year. Although the two have repeatedly stated that they are ‘just friends’, many people think that a romance is blossoming between the two. To be continued.

The Marvel film Eternals , starring Angelina, will hit theaters on November 3.