Giants of technology either face the battles of their survival in the markets and sales or sometimes these battles take the companies to the court room.
Previously a great battles was fought among the two giant of technology, Apple and Samsung and now this time the Korean Company has been taken to the court room by a Chinese giant technology rival Huawei. Huawei has filed a decree against Samsung for violating patent infringement.
Samsung has been struggling these battles either as a defendant either as victim of patent infringement. This time Huawei is going to give some tough time to Samsung. Huawei normally keep itself away from these cases.

This whole dispute is about the core technology that powers LTE. This case has been filed by the Huawei against the Samsung for using 11 standard-essentials patents which is owned by Huawei.

Complaint filed by the Huawei says that Samsung has not properly licensed the patents but on the other hand It has been using continually in its all devices equipped with LTE.

This case was filed due to the result of breakdown in licensing negotiation. The latest phones using the LTE technology use some sort of 11 standard-essentials patents and these patent oftenly cross-licensed between manufacturing companies of these cell phones.

According to a Huawei Rep: “In this instance, while we would always prefer to go the negotiating route, we have been compelled to go to the courts to protect our investment in R&D, At present, we are not receiving royalties for the use of our intellectual property.”

Huawei also said to the media that it has been filing similar case in U.S Federal court and in China simultaneously. Huawei also claimed that it has been try to patent portfolio with samsung on fair bases but Samsung failed to comply with Huawei terms.
Doesn’t matter who win this battle, users would keep enjoying the LTE technoloy.