Google planning to launch logins free apps for android to eliminate password and this is going to be replaced by the system which would take account a combination of different signals, like your typing patterns, your walking style, your location to verify your identity. If all goes well the app would be available to android developers by the end of 2016.
Daniel Kaufman the head of ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects)briefed about this update regarding the the current status of Project Abacus, in an announcement on Friday at Google i/O Developer Conference.
Project Abacus was introduced in last year’s google I/O conference and in that conference it was described that they were ambitiously planning to remove the burden of passwords and PINs from the user.

With this google’s development users would be able to take off the burden of password from their head the app would decide to get you login. This login system would be based on “Trust sore”. And this trust would be calculated by the app using different factors and these factors would be your pattern of typing, your walking style, your location, your facial recognition your voice patterns and some other factors.

Highlights of Google’s I/O 2016 Conference.