The Chinese firm has great ambitions. Just ahead of Apple, Huawei now wants to overtake Samsung and has a specific plan to get there. The beginning of a big change in the smartphone market?

We announced it last week: Huawei officially overtook Apple in the last quarter in terms of phones sold. But the Chinese firm that has experienced a meteoric growth does not want to stop there. This is the CEO of Huawei who says it himself: the group is dreaming number one, in front of Samsung. As a reminder, the Korean is leading the sales of smartphones – even if they have been falling for some time. The fault, this year, a Samsung Galaxy S9 proposing too little new compared to its predecessor. Users see it as an expensive update!

Huawei has a strategy worthy of Chinese companies. That of smartphones less expensive than the competition but equally powerful. A policy that works very well in emerging countries where millions are potential buyers, while a Samsung or Apple have much more trouble – the second city has only 1% share in India! With its upcoming release, the  Huawei Mate 20, which we know the Android version will be present is likely to make a lot of talk and allow the manufacturer to still grapple the ground. The market is more than ever rushed!