The Maze Runner’s teens take it for their rank. Especially Will Poulter and his eyebrows!

On the occasion of the release of Labyrinth 3, TF1 will broadcast the first episode Sunday night (and the 2nd on February 18). When it was released on DVD, Screen Junkies’ clever little ones delivered us one of their famous “honest trailers”, these fake trailers that pin the flaws of a hit movie. This adaptation of “Young Adult”  where amnesiac teens must survive in the middle of a labyrinth full of traps comes after  Twilight, Hunger Games and  Divergent. But in the field, The Labyrinth is rather successful, even if inconsistencies in the script make the voice-over scream.Be careful, spoilers if you have not seen the movie!

However, what the video emphasizes is the accumulation of all the shots of the Young Adult genre film: a pale-faced hero, a Kristen Stewart look-alike , an arena-like event, a global-but-vague catastrophe, a nasty-dressed-in-white … in short, the film deserved the title of Hunger Mazeaccording to the authors of the video.